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Personal Sessions

Soothe Your soul ~ Be Your Beauty

Online or In Person Sessions

Emma's Soul-Soothing Sessions have quite literally shaped who I am and taught me how to make the most of this human experience. She has an incredible vibration and offers a judgement free zone to have stimulating conversation and get answers about the universe and yourself.  Emma uses crystals, music, breathwork, and acupressure to help you unwind and find a sense of balance within yourself.   I leave each session feeling grounded, confident, and like I can take on the world.  Being around Emma and participating in her soul soothing sessions remove the stresses of the "real world" and make you feel like a kid again"           

~ Jayde, MA

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Blue Water

My Marketing

I am not here to Sell ...I am here to share

I have been given very clear guidance about how my work is to be offered during this time of non-authentic power structures built on over production, proving worth and mastery through patriarchal achievement constructs, and a model of pernicious forced selling through the time-for-money model.   I do NOT market, nor have a social media presence. I do NOT work from a box of defined credentials, skills or techniques, or have a fixed fee structure. I offer all that I am from all levels of being, human to spirit, shamanic and angelic, and from multi-dimensional experiences learned and mastered through this life-time and all passed lived times. Together, we define the session structure that is supportive of your soul's highest needs at the time.  Uniquely yours, defined by you, NOT by a marketing agenda.

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