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WomanWith HeartinSunset

I am a unique expression of love, curiously exploring and knowing itself through this sacred human embodiment.

I Am BeautyFull!

** Emma **
I am here, now, to
Spread Joy &

I have  been seeking a way to share wisdom teachings, powerful downloads, mantras, insights , and rituals that I have gathered over years of life experiences, through formalized education and working with patients in my health practice, and most recently, through a dark-night-of-the-soul intense healing journey.  Free of all the contrivances of traditional business formats and expectations, and the hyper-real, non- reality world of social media. I simply wish to share and archive, if you will, anything that comes through me that might be of service to others along their paths towards joy and beauty, and finding their truest self lived expression in this chaotic world. I write these things as if I were offering them with great love, to my future granddaughter, and great granddaughters and the 7 generations to come. With blessings, perhaps something will resonate with you, dear ones!  Welcome to IAmBeautyFull!

“ You are the most BeautyFull creation in all of the Universe”

~ Cosmic Godmother

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