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Hello Dear Ones! I'm Emma


"Emma truly is sunshine in human form!"         ~ Jayde, MA

I AM an explorer of Self and Beauty in my quest to discover Who Am I? 

 I am a shapeshifter:  a survivor of childhood trauma; top-of-the class good girl; married and divorced woman; Witnesser of death, suicide, extreme pain, fear and violence in many forms; sexual harassment victim; victim in oh too many ways, surviving way too many things; Mother and birther of a son/sun!, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grand-Aunt; research scientist;  self-employed owner of an alternative health practice; single mother Wonder-woman; suffering-as-a-path of survival identifier;  lover and heartbreaker; loyal friend; athlete and health-nut; hyper intelligent problem-solver; creator and procrastinator; explorer; nature-loving birder and tree hugger (thanks, mom!); sushi lover; hate hater; Healer and soul-soother; a Walker-between-Worlds; a multi-dimensional being of light ...and oh the list could go on and on... acupuncturist, herbalist, shamanist, nutritionist, spiritualist, alchemist, feminist....Whew!      

Who is Emma?

I am all of these...and none of them at all...

I Am BeautyFull.... and so are you!
Explore BeautyWith Me

Soul Soothing Sessions

Completely unique and intuited, a personal "soul whisper" session, where I use my abilities to "see, hear and know" to help you find an empowering way forward through life events or old limiting beliefs. To transform what has become dense and limiting, to light and expanding. To embrace your own version of Joyful expression and embody and truly live it! This is like a soul coaching therapy session, channeled guidance, and shamanic healing work rolled together! There is no script or structure as to how these sessions occur, completely based off your energetic requirements and what your soul is presenting to be healed/lightened. May include hands on energetic healing work/acupressure, use of crystals, flower therapy, sound healing, mantra and breathwork, and herb/nutrition guidance. Walk away lighter in spirit, with powerful practices and nature based suggestions that you can immediately incorporate into your daily life. The Goal: You healing and empowering yourself to live your joyous beautiful life.

Email me for more information and to determine how we might work together. These sessions are life changing! (Sessions offered In Person or Online via Zoom. Sliding scale fee structure $122-222/session depending on the work we are doing together)

Here's what some of my clients have to say:


"Emma's Soul-Soothing Sessions have quite literally shaped who I am and taught me how to make the most of this human experience. She has an incredible vibration and offers a judgement free zone to have stimulating conversation and get answers about the universe and yourself.  Emma uses crystals, music, breathwork, and acupressure to help you unwind and find a sense of balance within yourself.   I leave each session feeling grounded, confident, and like I can take on the world.  Being around Emma and participating in her soul soothing sessions remove the stresses of the "real world" and make you feel like a kid again"               ~ Jayde C., MA

"Emma is a true intuitive and gifted guide. During a tragic time she held a safe place for me to process the difficult event and open myself to healing. Emma’s intuitive connection to healing energy was extremely comforting. The altar she made, specifically for our meeting was beautiful and energetically attuned to creating a loving and caring environment for my healing experience. The ceremonial space she created, to the words she spoke, were “spot-on”. The love and care she  gave from the time we were in ceremony carried over for days as I continued to heal. "         ~  Donyale, TX

"Luscious sensual experience weaving the elements of air, earth & water into a personal beauty ritual...An absolute tending to our deeper Feminine selves with Ancient Beauty Rituals..."       ~ DR, MA

BeSpoke Beauty Rituals

Let me help you create a sacred beauty routine- focusing on empowered natural beauty, or even healing old beliefs regarding beauty and joyful expressions of self. Have a special moment in your life? Let us create a powerful ritual or ceremony of celebration of YOU!

Past Rituals include:  Mary Magdalene Sacred Beauty Day; BirthDay Crowning Ceremonies, Celebration of Joy Ceremony; Womb Reclamation & Old Boyfriend Residue Release; Marriage-to-Self Commitment Ceremony, and many more!

Email me for information on these highly unique, personalized ritual creations.

"Emma's knowledge of ancient practices, connection to the treasures of our Earth, and dedication to the Divine Feminine creates a unique experience that any woman would love"        ~ Donna, MA

...The exquisite scent of Blue Lotus Oil wonderfully lingers in my memory..."      ~ Mary Magdalene Sacred Beauty Day

Online Courses & Workshops 

Subscribe to my Blog to receive updates for Courses and Workshops as they occur. Past workshops have included:

* Grounded, Embodied and Sacred: relating to your body

* Beauty and You: Sharing Circles

* Declaration of Independence: Sovereignty workshop

* Sacred. Beauty. Ritual: Living these words in the modern era

* Commitment to Self: Anointing ourselves for the year to come

Let’s Get in Touch

Welcome, dear one! Let the joy-ing begin...

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