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Hello Dear Ones! I'm Emma

Calm Sea

"Emma truly is sunshine in human form!"         ~ Jayde, MA

I AM an explorer of Self and Beauty in my quest to discover Who Am I? 

 I am a shapeshifter: 

A survivor of childhood trauma to top-of-the class good girl;

Victim, then Healer and Soul-soother;

From Daughter and Sister to Birther of a Son,

A Single Mother Wonder Woman;

A Seeker of love - from marriage then divorce, and even widowed divorcee, to becoming a Seeker-of-Self-Love;

A Clueless Student and Beginner to Wise Creator and Explorer; 

Published Research scientist to Self-employed owner of an alternative health practice;

Always a Hate-hater and Tree-Hugging Nature Lover!

A Walker-between-Worlds and multi-dimensional being of light;

And oh the list could go on and on...

...Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Shamanist, Nutritionist, Pacificist, Spiritualist, Alchemist, Feminist....Whew!


Who is Emma?

I am all of these...and none of them at all...

I Am BeautyFull.... and so are you!
Explore Beauty With Me~

Join me each month, in Virtual Circle where we gather to Spread Joy & Beauty. Come dance, laugh, share and create ritual together!

The Moon is calling - Can you Hear it?

Personal Sessions

I offer Soul Soothing Sessions and BeSpoke Beauty Rituals to those whom find me, either through direct referral, or through personal soul curiosity and inquiry

where life brings me across your path.

My work is highly personal, unique and intuitively structured

towards each person that I interact with.


Foot Tracks on Sand

~ Let’s Get in Touch ~
Send me comments or suggestions;
Inquire about Individual Work.
I love hearing from you!

I will get back to you soon! ~ Emma

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