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Breath of Peace and Light: Simple Candle Meditation

A simple breathwork process that I use to bring more peace and light into my body

The world outside feels quite heavy at the moment...

I am sure that many of you can relate to feeling into this current quality of time. World dynamics, national politics, shifting climate, personal challenges rippling out to bring in much heaviness and feel of hopelessness, helplessness and density. So this morning I sat with a candle, inside a holder wrapped in birch bark to reveal a dove symbol. Perfect!! Held within the grounding rooted energy of Tree, emitting the Peace from Dove.

Exactly what I needed....and as I sat a simple breathwork process revealed itself. I AM LIGHT, I AM PEACE. Filling and filling, expanding and expanding; I will sit with the candle and breathe for as long as I need.

Try it for yourself

Here is a video showing the process that you can try for yourself.

Simplified Instructions:

Begin with gentle gaze at the candle and allow your breath to simply be in its own rhythm.

Breathe while you gaze.

With your inhale, sip in Light and Peace into your heart.

Gently hold that inhale allowing the Light and peace to fill your heart and expand and move through your entire body.

Exhale and allow all within your heart and body that is not Light (Density) to drop away.

Inhale Light and peace into your heart. Slight gentle pause to hold, allowing it to fill your heart and body.

Repeat this process as long as you need, until you feel full of light, and density dropped away.

** You can use the mantra " I AM LIGHT" while you inhale and "I AM PEACE" while you exhale.

When you feel "Full " with your inhale, with your next exhale imagine the Light and Peace expanding out into the room around you. Continue this process of inhaling to fill your heart and then exhaling the Light and Peace out around you, first to fill the space around you, then your home, then out to your town/city, then state. Filling and Expanding. Gently, without efforting.

If you can, with ease, sip, fill and expand to see Light and Peace around and filling your country, then the entire Earth.

** Mantra to help "We are Light; We are Peace"

When you feel complete, return to soft gaze of candle.

Wiggle your fingers and toes to return into yourself.

Gently gaze around the room you are in. Return now, filled with Light and Peace.


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