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A Little Body Beauty Jingle

I don't know about you, but little jingles, mantras and silly tunes have been a very simple powerful part of my healing path. Often catchy rhymes and meaningful play-on-words appear when I am in the midst of ritual or ceremony even. And seem to hold the energy of the process to heal in a very simple way that I can remember long after. I started to try and record these thru writing or on my voice recorder a few years ago and thought I would share some as they feel pertinent.

This morning, as I prepare for a Beauty Workshop where we will be doing Body Beauty Scan process, I created a gratitude jingle that came thru as part of my Body Scan process. See how it might feel for you - put it to your own personal heart tune! Or even create a little body gratitude choreographed dance!

"This is my Body - Beautiful Body

She protects me, all the day long

This is my body - Sacred Body

And I thank her for keeping me Strong."


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