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Welcome, beauty (yes, I mean YOU!), to my blog ClayPearls...

I am so happy that you are joining in on the new adventure!

Before I sat down to start on this, my first blog(!), the sun decided to gift me with an amazing morning sun ritual to saturate myself in I recorded it to share with you all. And figured, well, I suppose this needs to be my first blog. So here it is! I am calling it the "I Am BeautyFull Sun Sponge Ritual". How much honey nectar can you absorb?

Sunshine Sipping!

I Am Beauty-Full now!

Slurped up some bird sounds and lilac fragrance and oh so many things that I felt my body has been craving lately. I hope that you feel a bit more saturated now and can add this ritual in to your morning or any time you need a Beauty Top-off!!

More blogs coming soon ~ Emma


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